All the posts under the ‘Flip side’ menu item/category, were written between November 2020 and 2023. I originally published them on my book publishing website ‘Rosebine Press’ but transferred them here, as a more appropriate home for them. My motivation for putting these posts out there, was to try and convince anyone whose mind was not completely closed, to the fact that many eminently well qualified professionals had serious misgivings about the declaration of a worldwide ‘pandemic’ and even more so, about the safety of the rush to inject the population with the experimental mRNA ‘vaccines’ (so called).

Several posts linked to YouTube videos or articles which were subsequently censored by the sinister, unregulated and unaccountable ‘fact checkers’ employed by the social media companies. I updated some of those links but had to delete some of the original posts where the link to the orignal information had been ‘disappeared’ by the aforementioned agencies.

I hope my ‘Flip Side’ archive may serve as a useful reminder and a historical documentation of the madness into which our government and others plunged us, from which we have not yet recovered. If, on reflecting on these events and the expert opinion represented in my posts, some have learned to be more wary of what ‘officialdom’ tells them to do, then my actions in highlighting the truth and pointing out the lies we’ve been told will not be in vain. However, for me, the whole sorry saga only reminds us we must always carefully examine and test what those in power would have us believe. James Russell Lowell’s memorable lines are very apt:

“Truth forever on the scaffold,

Wrong forever on the throne,—
Yet that scaffold sways the future,

and, behind the dim unknown,
Standeth God within the shadow,

keeping watch above his own.”

(The Present Crisis’ – James Russell Lowell 1819 – 1891)